Gutach i.Br.
Link: geobla.com/users/kapitoschka

Whether it's for business or pleasure, there's always a reason to camp. We drive and live Concord 720, Renault Traffic self-remodeling (unfortunately since 09/2022 engine damageand sold), Tabbert 570 Classic (Integer camper) since 10/2022 (will be renovated 2022/2023 and partially renovated and should be available in addition to own use also employees and rented from 2023), Hobby caravan, Doriff (5.9m cabin boat).

Car parking directly on the Rhine with a view of the cathedral - but here are also often many motor homes. Parking ticket via parking ticket machine or app during the day in the week. About 25 minutes walk to the cathedral / center. Supply & disposal in front of the nearby RV park.
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