Who is behind Geobla?

Andreas C. Meyer created Geobla, because he was missing a place for exchange and mutual inspiration around Vanlife. He has years of experience in the internet business and lives about half of his time in his converted Sprinter.

Who is Geobla made for?

Everyone who likes to travel with his camper, car or tent is faced with the choice of suitable places to stay. The available sources are often overloaded and anonymous. Geobla promotes the exchange between travelers to get better ideas. For this purpose, in addition to the map, there is a community where you can find and follow like-minded people. Sharing places is similar to posting on social networks. If you’re looking for more personalized tips and feel like networking with others, you’ve come to the right place.

Is posting a new place complicated?

Geobla has rethought posting and places and it’s as easy as posting on Instagram or Facebook. You can choose between mobile apps for Android and IOS or directly on the geobla.com website. Just press the + icon to do so. Learn more about posting.

Why should I share places?

Not only are you helping the community with your posts, but by giving feedback on your posts you can make friends who have similar tastes and can inspire you. Plus, you build your own travel diary and can later remember where you’ve been. Moreover, you can share your personal page with family and friends to keep them updated about your trip.

Is Geobla free of charge?

Geobla is and will remain free. Maybe in the future, similar to other apps, there will be a paid version with a few more features. But the basic functions will always remain free, just like the access to the map with all places.

How can I get involved?

Besides posting places, posts and comments, you can write in here in Forum Help & Feedback your suggestions for further development and improvement of Geobla.

Can everyone see my location?

Geobla does not collect hidden data and does not publish anything without your consent. You decide what you want to publish. You have the option to share posts without specific location reference if you wish. They will then appear in the respective region/state. All information on this topic in the Privacy Policy.

How can I correct entries?

The best way is to be logged in and write a comment under the incorrect post. This way the author will receive a notification and all other members can respond as well. If you are not logged in, you can report posts anonymously. Click on the three dots to the right of the post and select “report” (currently only in the mobile apps).

Improve translations manually

All text is automatically translated into other languages. If you edit an existing post, it will be translated again.

From now on you can disable this if you wish. There is a new option under the input field. With this option you can improve the translation of a text yourself. Simply switch to the desired language with the globe in the upper right corner, edit the post and deactivate the new option “Retranslate updated text” before saving. This way you will not have to retranslate and you can change each language manually.

The FAQ will be updated and extended regularly. Do you have an open question? Then click here and write us.

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