Entering places using GPS data from photos

When you post a place afterwards, you need to find the position on the map or enter a GPS coordinate. Photos from your smartphone often contain GPS coordinates. We will explain you how to enter such photos with their corresponding places.

With the mobile apps

Watch this video or follow the steps below:

Entering places using GPS data from photos

  1. click on the + symbol for a new post
  2. select the option where else.
  3. click on the orange button and select the corresponding photo from your phone
  4. when a coordinate is found, jump the map there. Tap continue in the upper right corner and post. The coordinates are missing? Then look at the last paragraph below.

With the web version

Follow these steps best on your PC or Mac:

  1. click on the plus icon or “+ New Post”.
  2. at the place selection choose "Skip
  3. in the post upload a photo with GPS coordinates
  4. geobla recognizes the coordinates and a window like shown here appears. Click on "Apply
    GPS data desktop
  5. you will be redirected back to the place selection. This time, however, the places are searched at the coordinate where the photo was taken. You can see if the place is already there and you can select it. If the place does not exist yet, click here on “+ New place”. 6.
  6. on the page for the new place you will see the place where the photo was taken, add your data as usual and click on Apply
  7. you will be redirected to the post page. Here you will also see that the date of the photo has been entered into the calendar. You can change this if you wish.

GPS coordinates not found?

GPS coordinates are sometimes filtered out by smartphones or their photo apps. In this case you can try the following steps:

  1. on Android devices you can try to copy the photos you want from the photo app to a directory, e.g. Downloads. Then when uploading, you need to go to that directory and select the photo. This can be a way to bypass the automatic filter of the photo app. If it doesn’t work with the smartphone, try uploading with a PC or Mac and the web version.
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